Turkish Motifs

Motifs in Turkish rugs are a complete language. They are very interesting fact about Turkish Rugs. They are the expressions of the weaver who are generally women.

In general same regions have same motifs. It is like people talking same language. Motifs depend on the period which they belong in history and the place where they live. They are live words.

There are also other Turkish Tribal rugs such as Caucasian Rugs and Turkmen Rugs with more geometrical designs.

For many centuries, Weaving rugs have been a way for Anatolian women to express their feelings wishes,interests,fears, fidelity and love in an authentic way. Even so, Most of the motifs change from region to region geometric designs, the central medallion design,tree of life, the prayer niches in Prayer Rugs.

If you want to learn more about the meanings of the motifs and understand what Anatolian women wants to tell us see the Oriental Rug Patterns and Symbols.